Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the Highland Adult Athletic Booster Club to support and encourage related athletic activities thereby cultivating clean, wholesome school and community spirit, promoting good sportsmanship and developing high ideals of character. The booster club contributes funds to the Athletic Department to help meet specific needs that otherwise would not be available.

What does the Highland Adult Athletic Booster Club do?

The Highland Adult Athletic Booster Club is a membership organization of parents, administrators, staff, businesses, community members, and alumni who, through volunteered time and effort, support all athletic programs at Highland High School.

Our purpose is to raise money through fundraising efforts in order to support all athletic programs and student athletes beyond what the school budget can provide, as well as increase community interest.

Fundraising enables our club to maintain and enhance the athletic experience at Highland High School and provide scholarships to qualifying seniors in athletics. The club’s involvement consists of both volunteers and financial support required to provide opportunities for student athletes to maintain the athletic programs we all know and love.

Who decides what happens with the money we raise?

We donate money to the Highland athletic department three times a year. Our club trusts that the Athletic Director knows best where these funds should be spent based upon needs as they arise. That means that we help to provide the foundational needs for all athletics.

Some sports have their own individual parent organizations that help their athletes get things beyond what they need; more-of things that they want such as dinners, recognition items, “flashy enhancements,” etc. The Highland Adult Athletic Booster Club instead helps to maintain each and every sport. The funds we raise additionally help with costs associated with staff trainers and other supportive aspects of all sports within Highland High School.

As reported by Highland’s Athletic Director, funds we’ve raised for the athletic department have gone towards purchasing a number of items such as uniforms for each sport every five years.

Parent membership and involvement is essential to the athletic booster club. We ask that every parent of a student athlete becomes a member. By committing to a Highland Adult Athletic Booster Club membership, your student will meet one of the eligibility requirements for a Highland Adult Athletic Booster Club scholarship their senior year. Becoming a member allows us to enhance the opportunities presented to our student-athletes, thus improving their high school experience.

How do we do it?

We raise money through membership, a primary fundraiser each season of the school year and through sponsorship programs.

We encourage you to come and join us. Together we can make the future brighter for Highland Trojan student athletes. Everyone can make a difference and have fun doing it. Come to the next booster meeting or contact a board member and get involved.